About Me

Zindagimeriteacher.com is a digital media was founded in 2018 june by Indian blogger Nishkarsh Siddharth. Our mission at ZindagiMeriteacher.com is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development, life changing stories, motivational quotes and inspirational shayries and poem to the world.

Zindagimeriteacher.com show what it really takes to become a successful person with new motivational blog which have a great principles, poems, quotes, stories of inspirational people and successful entrepreneur from all over the world.If you feeling lost, unmotivated or helpless in life, than you have come in the right place. Zindagi Meri teacher try to change your mindset from “I can not do it” to “I can do it”. It will make u strongest person in the world not next week, not next year, but TODAY. And if that of thinking makes you uncomfortable,then this place is not for you.we are not catering to everyone’s needs or likes.we are not trying to make people feel comfortable.

Where should you start?

You should start with your mindset ,with the wrong mindset you can not understand the content.the first step is to change your mindset,to one of abundance and responsibility.nothing is more important than mindset.
To develop this mindset,we challenge you to read every blog post, stories , poem, quotes etc.when you will understand all the priciples perfectly our goal will be completed.